Severfield plc Annual report 2015

Building a solid platform for growth

Severfield plc is the largest specialist structural steelwork group in the UK, with a growing presence in India and a reputation for performance and value.

Unrivalled experience and capability

Severfield plc has the design, experience and engineering skills to serve a diverse range of market sectors within construction and infrastructure.

State-of-the-art manufacturing

Our facilities possess the latest technologies, and are staffed by our highly-skilled workforce of over 1,200 colleagues.

Essential services for everyday life

Our quality steel structures serve people every day, in work, leisure and travel, as well as through energy, health and education.

Highlights and milestones

Underlying* profit before tax


2014: £4.0m

Underlying* operating profit
(before JVs and associates)


2014: £7.6m

Underlying* operating margin
(before JVs and associates)


2014: 3.3%



2014: £231.3m

Operating profit
(before JVs and associates)


2014: (Loss of £0.1m)

Profit after tax


2014: (Loss of £2.6m)

Underlying* basic earnings per share


2014: 0.88p

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